New addition to the family

Please welcome Volks YoSD Nana, Vera, to the family.  Volks’ four sisters (Nana, Megu, Sara and Kira) head mold has always been one of my absolute favorites and I finally got to bring it home in YoSD size!!  IMG_2392She has such a delightful, tiny, little, precious face!  And it’s kind of interesting to see how the faces give off a feeling of completely different personalities.

IMG_2391V looks like an outgoing little girl, almost mischievous, while Vera looks shy and reserved.

IMG_2393I’m still debating whether I want to keep her default wig, which I happen to like quite a bit, or get a pink wig as I had initially intended.

I will be moving to a new apartment next month, so I am hoping all of my doll-related activities can resume by that time!

Thanks for watching!!