Practice makes perfect

When I first got Valentine six years ago I was still a college student. Thus as you can imagine money was tight and financing my BJD habit hobby was not exactly the easiest. If I remember correctly, Valentine did not have a face up for a couple of months until I had enough funds to send her off to Sakuli all the way in Spain. Then there was the issue of a new wig and new glass eyes, which she probably did not get right away either. What about her clothes?? Well, let’s just say she’s worn that same old white dress that’s featured in previous posts for years!!

Well, thanks to my new sewing machine, Valentine’s fate has changed!!  An earlier post referred to finally putting a new wig on her as well as eyelashes.  Unfortunately, the eyelashes all came off little by little.  Fortunately, the wig stayed on!!  Now, she gets to wear a new outfit that I have almost completed today!!

Look how beautiful she looks!!  She looks like a completely different Valentine!!

As for the dress itself… well, all I can say is practice makes perfect.  I really, really love the outcome!!  I feel so proud of myself.  A feeling I don’t know I’ve had for myself… ever?  I did not use enough fabric for the skirt, and thus makes for an awkward fit; but I love the dress non the less.

I spent six hours on this particular dress and I am just amused at how much time goes by without me noticing because I am so consumed in the act and process of sewing.

We are the time that we dedicate towards working on our dreams” — Paulo Neo.

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