Adams-Harris patterns

I purchased a pattern from Adams-Harris Pattern Company about a month ago and I finally got to play around with it!  About two weeks ago I had my first try with the last bit of my white fabric.

I love blouses in this style with lots of frills and lace and ribbons, so naturally I wanted to make something like this for Vivienne.  After 12 hours worth of cutting and sewing and trying to understand the instructions, voila!  Unfortunately, the pattern is fitted in a Ipplehouse BJD (Ipplehouse’s SD-sized BJD’s are a tiny bit skinnier than Volks’ SD10) and as you can see I couldn’t quite close up the blouse.  Also, when I sewed the sleeves on I pretty much ruined the dress, for I did not do a proper job and the fit was just completely messed up.  Oh, the trials and tribulations of learning how to sew.

So I decided I would not be defeated and started over again with the blue fabric.  I typically like to save this fabric for Alice in Wonderland-inspired dresses, but this is some of the last bit of fabric I have left.  This time around, despite making many mistakes, I am much more satisfied with the result !!  I edited the pattern so that instead of a blouse, this is the top part of a dress.

I look forward to continuing my sewing adventures !!