Temporary Hiatus ??

Womp womp womp.  Well.  I suppose it was inevitable.  With summer being over, and the impending deadline to apply to a doctorate program quickly approaching, I came to the sudden realization that… surprise-surprise, I have most definitely procrastinated long enough and now I have to complete my Master’s Thesis within the next month, take the GRE test in November at the latest (not to mention I want to get the highest score possible so I might take it a couple of times and have not really dedicated myself to studying for it) , and gather letters of recommendation and all that necessary jazz.  LE SIGH.

My dolly corner taken over by text books for my thesis

In the meantime, I have to sew a little girl dress for a friend’s baby’s first birthday, and make me and Vivienne a Halloween outfit.  My outfit would be for me to wear, obviously, but Vivienne’s outfit would be to participate in DoA’s new sewing project.  Therefore, I will be popping in and out of the blog to play around a bit, but most of my energies will be consummed with school for the next couple of months.
So wish me luck that I am able to complete all of my requirements AND get into a good doctorate program !!  I look forward to an entire 9 months or so of pure sewing fun after this little hurdle is jumped and before I have to start school again in August 2013.