Eyelashes for my Valentine

Since Vivienne got home, all my attention has been focused on her and I have neglected Valentine a little bit.  The last couple of weeks I decided I needed to work with Valentine too and that a make-over was long over due.  Eyelashes and a new wig would be the perfect first step!

I finally decided to use a wig that I exchanged with one of my friends several years ago.  I never used this wig because it’s too big for her head, but after playing around with it for a while, the wig turns out to look great.

Valentine has not had eyelashes for years !!

So I set out to Target and purchased a set of individual fake eyelashes and eyelash adhesive.

I had forgotten how tedious it is to glue the eyelashes onto the eye socket.  And putting the eyes back in place without messing up the eyelashes turned out to be quite the challenge.  Also I found that the glue would peel off some of the details of her face-up.  If you’re going to purchase/use Ardell Lash Adhesive, be very careful with the face up.

Several hours later I was able to complete the look and I absolutely love how she looks with eyelashes.

Although the eyelashes are a little messed up, she looks stunning and more mature !!  I’d love to fix the eyelashes but right now I’m exhausted from belly dancing class this morning and my honey should be on his way.  Maybe later I can make a new dress for Valentine.