Vivienne gets dolled up

I bought some cute little fabric squares at Wal-mart not too long ago and yesterday I got to playing around with the black fabric.  I followed these tutorials for a corset — 1 and 2.

And VOILA !! Vivienne finally has an outfit other than her default kimono (or at least the top part of the outfit).  Personally I love the final product and feel very proud of myself for creating such a beautiful clothing item. There are some mistakes that I made, but I am improving by the minute.

Of course, being the closet fashionista that I am, it is my belief that accessories make the outfit.  So I went and spent more money at Hobby Lobby !!  I walked out with a cute 8″ straw hat and black lace ribbon (amongst other items, such as the cute sewing basket sitting behind Vivi so that I can store all of my sewing supplies).

What do you think?

Doesn’t she look great??