Dress-making attempt

There’s a new little work in progress which I have named Princess Victoria I.  I am using the pattern and template found in Antique Lilac’s website (thank you!) and I have scaled it to fit an SD10–although I feel that it might be a little bit too big.

One of the things I LOVE about sewing is seeing the piece of clothing come together from the many different pieces !!

But alas, as soon as I decided to sew the lace onto the bodice, I realized I did not have black thread.  With all these beautiful thread colors in stock, I wonder what kind of seamstress does not have black thread available?

After making a trip to two different Walt-marts (the only store where I could shop for crafting materials open after 7 p.m.) I was able to purchase black thread!

Unfortunately, after sewing together the bodice, the fit was awkward just as I had expected.  Therefore I decided to sew darts onto the design as a last, desperate measure.  The darts did not help much, and so today’s entire sewing efforts have not yielded the desired results.

I guess I’ll just have to give it another try tomorrow 🙂