Weekend projects: Bedroom clean up, Doll house, and SD-sized dress form

I am taking full advantage of this summer break before I have to roll up my sleeves and get to working on my Master’s Thesis.  I am very grateful that I’ve been feeling very productive and creative lately, especially this last weekend.  It all started on Friday when I moved and re-arranged all of the furniture in my room because I needed a little bit of change.  This resulted in a better utilization of the space available in the bedroom and now I get to have my dolly-corner where I can take pictures of my dolls and my work !!

The dolly-corner, however, did not always look the way it looks in this picture.

I made a trip to Michael’s and purchased a couple of furniture pieces.  But the setting looked so plain against the white background, especially because the table is white too.

After looking through some AMAZING work from BJD doll house artists I decided that the best next thing I could do was to add some sort of wall paper.  I wanted something that resembled a romantic Victorian wallpaper.  And by Victorian, I meant something that I would find romantic 😉


Then Sunday I got to work on a much needed SD-sized dress form.


Mori Girl event–WIP01

Here are the dress sketches for the Mori project as well as some pictures of the materials I will be using.  Enjoy and do share your opinion!!

The sketch on the left is completed, but I’m still trying to come up with ideas on how to layer up Vivienne’s outfit (on the right).  Maybe some bloomers?  Or maybe a free-flowing skirt beneath the dress?

More importantly, I have no idea how I’m going to make a belt or a headband!!! BUT, where there’s a will, there’s a way!!

I bought this tiny, travel iron because I’ve been using a hair iron to press my clothes!!

My tiny work space.  I really need a bigger table/desk and more storage space.

I purchased this set of cute fabrics at Hobby Lobby about a month ago, and I feel like a couple of them are perfect for this project.  I still have to go shopping for more fabric but one of the yellow fabrics is a good start for Valentine’s dress.  The lace in the background is a beautiful lace blouse that I just loved wearing (I LOVE lace), but alas, I’ve gained weight in the last few months so my BJD’s get to wear it now.

Mori Girl event on DoA!

I decided to join a sewing event on DoA! Everyone has created such cute outfits for the first round and I really wanted to join in as this is a group of BJD lovers who are also into sewing clothes for their BJDs. The theme for this second round is Mori Girl. I want to sew a cute dress, so I went pinterest-crazy and downloaded all these cute pictures for ideas on what to work on.

Kawaii!! My princesses ♚ would totally rock the Mori Girl style!

Vivienne is finally wearing the semi-completed outfit from the previous post !!

Doll memes and a burnt left thumb

Well, I burned my left thumb while I was cooking this morning.  Nothing serious, really.  I merely touched the oven rack for a brief second and burned the tip of my left thumb (I happen to be left handed)… so now I can’t sew because I am a big 26-year-old baby with a low tolerance for pain.

Because I can’t sew, I shall entertain myself with a BJD meme I found at Catching Fireflies.

Enjoy 🙂

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Vivienne gets dolled up

I bought some cute little fabric squares at Wal-mart not too long ago and yesterday I got to playing around with the black fabric.  I followed these tutorials for a corset — 1 and 2.

And VOILA !! Vivienne finally has an outfit other than her default kimono (or at least the top part of the outfit).  Personally I love the final product and feel very proud of myself for creating such a beautiful clothing item. There are some mistakes that I made, but I am improving by the minute.

Of course, being the closet fashionista that I am, it is my belief that accessories make the outfit.  So I went and spent more money at Hobby Lobby !!  I walked out with a cute 8″ straw hat and black lace ribbon (amongst other items, such as the cute sewing basket sitting behind Vivi so that I can store all of my sewing supplies).

What do you think?

Doesn’t she look great??

Adams-Harris patterns

I purchased a pattern from Adams-Harris Pattern Company about a month ago and I finally got to play around with it!  About two weeks ago I had my first try with the last bit of my white fabric.

I love blouses in this style with lots of frills and lace and ribbons, so naturally I wanted to make something like this for Vivienne.  After 12 hours worth of cutting and sewing and trying to understand the instructions, voila!  Unfortunately, the pattern is fitted in a Ipplehouse BJD (Ipplehouse’s SD-sized BJD’s are a tiny bit skinnier than Volks’ SD10) and as you can see I couldn’t quite close up the blouse.  Also, when I sewed the sleeves on I pretty much ruined the dress, for I did not do a proper job and the fit was just completely messed up.  Oh, the trials and tribulations of learning how to sew.

So I decided I would not be defeated and started over again with the blue fabric.  I typically like to save this fabric for Alice in Wonderland-inspired dresses, but this is some of the last bit of fabric I have left.  This time around, despite making many mistakes, I am much more satisfied with the result !!  I edited the pattern so that instead of a blouse, this is the top part of a dress.

I look forward to continuing my sewing adventures !!