Mori Girl event–WIP02

Finally!! I got to sew this weekend.  Although not as much as I would’ve liked–between the boyfriend, the season premiere of Breaking Bad, and my social “obligations” I was able to squeeze in about a couple of hours worth of sewing for the Mori Girl event. Not to mention that the deadline to complete the project is quickly approaching.

This is Vivienne’s dress.  I have used and edited the pattern I keep going back to from Adams-Harris Pattern Company.  I lengthened the blouse so that it would be more of a dress/tunic, shortened the sleeves, added a facing, and am hoping to successfully turn the turtle-neck collar into a shirt collar.  And this is exactly where I’m stuck.

I added the facing because I want to have a clean finish when I sew the collar on.  But I have yet to find out how this is going to turn out.  If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know!!

With Mori Girl project I have realized one more facet about sewing that I was unaware of as of yet because I was pretty much using other people’s patterns and following their construction instructions.  Granted I am using someone else’s pattern here, and due credit is given to Adam’s-Harris Co. for this beautiful blouse that I have made time-and-time-again, but when it comes to changing the pattern is when I started facing the fact that I haven’t the slightest idea about pattern construction.

Thus, I have realized that pattern-making and construction is all about problem solving!!  I am going to start looking for sewing classes around me, or a seamstress mentor at the least who can help me with minor problems like these.  Fortunately I am a fast learner 🙂


New job and semi-completed project

I started a new job recently and training requires me to really develop my brain washing therapeutic skills. Thus, for the last few days I have been exhausted after work from the strenuous brain work out and so I neglected my sewing a bit more than I’d like to. It seems like my energy levels might be back to normal because I finally sat down to complete the outfit from Adam’s Harris Pattern Company!!

I’m so pleased with the results and so proud of myself!! I loved every minute of bringing this piece to life. I loved it so much that I lost track of time and ended up going to bed late (my bed time is around 10 pm). I’ve often heard that when you’re doing something you love time seems to slip through your fingers and I couldn’t agree more!

Enjoy some preliminary (not so good) pictures.

Note to self: I really need to find a better spot to take photos!!

Adams-Harris patterns

I purchased a pattern from Adams-Harris Pattern Company about a month ago and I finally got to play around with it!  About two weeks ago I had my first try with the last bit of my white fabric.

I love blouses in this style with lots of frills and lace and ribbons, so naturally I wanted to make something like this for Vivienne.  After 12 hours worth of cutting and sewing and trying to understand the instructions, voila!  Unfortunately, the pattern is fitted in a Ipplehouse BJD (Ipplehouse’s SD-sized BJD’s are a tiny bit skinnier than Volks’ SD10) and as you can see I couldn’t quite close up the blouse.  Also, when I sewed the sleeves on I pretty much ruined the dress, for I did not do a proper job and the fit was just completely messed up.  Oh, the trials and tribulations of learning how to sew.

So I decided I would not be defeated and started over again with the blue fabric.  I typically like to save this fabric for Alice in Wonderland-inspired dresses, but this is some of the last bit of fabric I have left.  This time around, despite making many mistakes, I am much more satisfied with the result !!  I edited the pattern so that instead of a blouse, this is the top part of a dress.

I look forward to continuing my sewing adventures !!