The Queen V — Volks Yo-SD Lin ??

I think I just found her.

I was thinking that if I get Volks Yo-SD Lin she could just be Vera… but… she doesn’t scream Vera.

I think I’ve found Victoria !!


Meet Souldoll Flett

While bored at work and playing around on interest I ran into Flett’s pretty little face at Soul Doll and now I want her!! So much for only purchasing one doll this year.

What shall her name be?? Violette? Viola? Is she Victoria? I’m running out of girl “v” names that I like.

Saving for Vera

After a six-year hiatus during which Valentine was my one and only BJD, I decided I was going to bring home an SD10 Volks Anais/Tae.  Thanks to a generous income tax return I was able to welcome Vivienne home on February 2012 (she was also a birthday present to myself).

She’s stinking gorgeous!  Even more stunning than she looks in pictures I must say.

Because I spent so much money on Vivienne and I have yet to customize her–she’s still wearing the kimono she came with and her original wig–I wasn’t really interested on buying a new BJD, although I have plans for at least three more… Victoria, Vera, and Stella.

Surfing the web the other day, I ran into CrobiDoll’s Berry and I just decided that Vera needs to come home too.  I decided not to get Berry, however, as I don’t really like her mold or the size of her head, and decided instead on Fairy Land’s PukiFee Mio or Latidoll Lumi.

Decisions, decisions!!

What do you think?  PukiFee Mio or Latidoll Lumi?