Vacation at South Padre Island, TX

I am currently on vacation !! All sewing shall resume next week 🙂



Canon PowerShot A560 Macro Lens

All these years I’ve been blaming my camera for taking poor pictures.  This to the point that I have thought about saving for a better, more expensive camera (this one was around $100 bucks).

Pictures like this one greatly disappointed me:

I had to go into Photoshop and edit the file so much just so her features could be appreciated a little better.  In fact, I think it is in that same post that I am writing about how I need to learn to take better pictures.

In the past I have read about how important camera settings are.  At work too, students interested in photography often mention the importance of learning about the settings.  Well darn, today I had one of those eureka moments that led me to google “canon powershot a560 macro setting” after reading about macros in this blog post.

So after figuring out where exactly my macro lens is, which is supposed to be really good, I went from this:

To this:


OMG. I honestly did NOT know my poor little beat up Canon could take such amazing pictures !! What’s best is that I only did minor Photoshop editing compared to any of the other pictures you might have seen in the blog up to this point.

You can see her eyes now !! Not just dark circles like in previous photos.

So, if you were thinking of trading in your old camera… think again and play around with your settings!! True story.

Weekend projects: Bedroom clean up, Doll house, and SD-sized dress form

I am taking full advantage of this summer break before I have to roll up my sleeves and get to working on my Master’s Thesis.  I am very grateful that I’ve been feeling very productive and creative lately, especially this last weekend.  It all started on Friday when I moved and re-arranged all of the furniture in my room because I needed a little bit of change.  This resulted in a better utilization of the space available in the bedroom and now I get to have my dolly-corner where I can take pictures of my dolls and my work !!

The dolly-corner, however, did not always look the way it looks in this picture.

I made a trip to Michael’s and purchased a couple of furniture pieces.  But the setting looked so plain against the white background, especially because the table is white too.

After looking through some AMAZING work from BJD doll house artists I decided that the best next thing I could do was to add some sort of wall paper.  I wanted something that resembled a romantic Victorian wallpaper.  And by Victorian, I meant something that I would find romantic 😉


Then Sunday I got to work on a much needed SD-sized dress form.

Busy bee and new Sailor Moon?

Needless to say I’ve been busy these last few days.  However, I need to get to sewing as I am running out of time for the Mori girl project!!!

Other than that I wanted to share some AMAZING news completely unrelated to the BJD world (or are they?).  Turns out that 2012 is actually the 20th anniversary of one of the biggest names in the anime world–Sailor Moon.  During the 20th anniversary celebration, it was revealed that a new season/series will come out next year, summer 2013 !!

Read more here.

I am so excited!! The news nearly brought tears to my eyes because I grew up with Sailor Moon.  Whenever I watch Sailor Moon now I always notice how cheesy and tacky the dialogue is, but who cares?! it’s SAILOR MOON!!

Sailor Moon is a classic in the anime world and many of us grew up watching this show.  It’s so funny to get these news since I am all about reconnecting with my childhood dream of being a “fashion designer” and learning how to sew.  It is also funny that I hope to launch an online shop next summer 🙂

Let us see what the moon brings my way.

O fortuna velut Luna ♫ ♪

p.s. Stay tuned for a new look for Vivienne.