A-line purple dress for one year old girl

As promised, an a-line, purple dress designed and made for one of my friends’ one year old baby girl.


This is my first try at a human-sized outfit. Overall I’m proud of myself for facing my insecurities head on. I mean, if I can sew an outfit for a doll then I should be able to sew one for a person, right? Next up I’m thinking of making a cute maxi skirt. Stay tuned for that!

I’ve been away for too long. In the meantime I’ve finished organizing all of the notecards for my thesis and started writing. I’m also school-hunting and hoping to start applying to some five schools in the upcoming month. And with that… The frightening realization that there is the possibility I might not get accepted to any of my PhD choices. What then?

Plan B became studying fashion design. It’s something I can teach myself but if Psychology does not work out, then why not? So many things to do, so many things to learn! Only one lifetime to do it all.


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2 responses to “A-line purple dress for one year old girl

  1. So pretty. There’s always time to learn. And you always learn more the more interested you are. 🙂

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