New job and semi-completed project

I started a new job recently and training requires me to really develop my brain washing therapeutic skills. Thus, for the last few days I have been exhausted after work from the strenuous brain work out and so I neglected my sewing a bit more than I’d like to. It seems like my energy levels might be back to normal because I finally sat down to complete the outfit from Adam’s Harris Pattern Company!!

I’m so pleased with the results and so proud of myself!! I loved every minute of bringing this piece to life. I loved it so much that I lost track of time and ended up going to bed late (my bed time is around 10 pm). I’ve often heard that when you’re doing something you love time seems to slip through your fingers and I couldn’t agree more!

Enjoy some preliminary (not so good) pictures.

Note to self: I really need to find a better spot to take photos!!


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